The Aegis Difference

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Our Philosophy

We believe that every person deserves the expertise, respect and attention that we provide our clients. From the processes and technology utilized, to the incredible lengths that we go to help assure your goals are met, Aegis is a firm that helps make a difference from day one.

We have the knowledgebase, staff, licenses and certifications to do more than just talk about maximizing retirement savings. Most working people in our country understand the concept of compounding interest, but do nothing until it’s too late. To drive the point home, you check out the chart below, where you can see how 10 years of savings can make a huge difference.

Making an Impact

Our mission is to create successful experiences for investors, retirement plan sponsors and their valued employees. We make a commitment every day to deliver significant resources with focused solutions. The positive impact to our client’s relationship to financial and organizational success is attainable, measureable, and repeatable.


The best results are produced when you use the proper tools. In the world of investment advice, that means using the best possible analytic and research tools available. The tools available from the Retirement Plan Advisors Group (RPAG) are on the cutting edge for the industry. Aegis advisors use RPAG to find out what is really going on in a plan. Every strategy, every fund is subjected to a comprehensive grading rubric more detailed and comprehensive than the commonly used Morningstar model. After receiving a grade the fund is marked for further analysis or possible replacement along with listing a likely successor fund. Morningstar’s layer cake approach to fund categories lacks the granular, individual analysis that is part of Aegis’ every day toolbox from RPAG.


Behavioral Finance Experts

Successful retirement plan outcomes for plan sponsors and their employees are solved by a dedication to process management, organization and education. Aegis Retirement Group is one of fewer than 100 firms nationally certified in behavioral finance. This certification allows Aegis access to research from world-renowned behavioral finance professors, mathematicians and PhDs who help us understand how to enhance company’s retirement plans according to behavioral finance best practices.

Financial wellness and retirement readiness are achievable concepts that really are successfully reached through addressing common financial decisions that trip up investors. With the tactics and strategies learned through this certification, the Aegis team is uniquely equipped to translate these learnings from the world’s best and brightest to you.

The Aegis Distinction

There are approximately 285,0001 financial advisors in the United States of which less than .004% 2 utilizes the RPAG system. Aegis Retirement Group fits a very unique sector of advisors who utilize both the powerful RPAG system and the principles of behavioral finance in their everyday practice. This approach allows us to customize the best plan possible, both during setup and through the ongoing review process, as well as helping plan sponsors and plan participants to reach their financial goals. The unique convergence of data driven analysis, iterative client contact, and behavioral finance techniques creates the Aegis Distinction.



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We Are A Fiduciary

We have financial professionals who are licensed as investment advisor representatives and are able to sign on as a Fiduciary for your retirement plan. This allows you to remain confident that we have your best interest at heart at all times, and allows us to mitigate as much of your risk as possible when it comes to the management of your plan.